It can be unequivocally stated that men spend much more money on gambling than women. This is largely due to the attitude towards gambling – women do not consider it a serious occupation, and therefore spend insignificant amounts on it. At the same time, due to the perception of gambling as entertainment, they psychologically more easily perceive losses and less often seek to recoup. As a result, they suffer from gambling addiction less often.
Men take games much more seriously. Suffice it to recall that it was in the male environment that the principle was formed that “card debt is a matter of honor.” The nobles often shot themselves because of the impossibility of giving it back. Also, representatives of the stronger sex more often perceive games as a serious way of making money with their own minds, and therefore they often seek to recoup after a defeat, which usually leads to even greater loss.
But even in the case of a win, men are much more likely to risk it, rather than take the reward. In general, men often like insane risk, from which the pulse rises to 200 beats per minute. In these moments, they truly feel the importance of their lives.
Interestingly, statistics show that women who play online casinos are much more likely to talk about their painful addiction to gambling. However, this is most likely due to the fact that they are more serious about the danger of gambling addiction, and also more honestly answer questions when conducting surveys. Men, on the other hand, can either hide their addiction or not consider spending, say, 20% of their monthly income a manifestation of addiction.
Time spent on gambling

Amazingly, although women spend less money on gambling, they spend significantly more time on it. The average American woman gambles for 21 months during her life, while the American only gambles for 14 months. There are two explanations here.
Firstly, men place higher bets and therefore go broke faster. Secondly, women spend a lot of time choosing a particular game, for example, choosing a slot that suits them.
It is important to note that for men, card games such as poker or preference can be a reason to get together in a big company and have fun. But women almost never do that, giving preference to shopping, visiting exhibitions, excursions and theaters, gatherings in cafes and restaurants.
False stereotypes

There are also misconceptions regarding the behavior of representatives of different genders during gambling. The traditional stereotype, which is typical, however, for almost all spheres of activity, where the abilities of men and women are compared, says that supposedly girls play worse than boys.
This is not true. It is difficult to conduct serious research, since in gambling the result depends not only on the intelligence of the players, but also on the chances and the size of the bets. Still, there are known poker professionals who regularly beat men at the largest tournaments.

Stereotypes regarding the differences between men and women are found in almost all spheres of human activity, including gambling. Many of them are erroneous, but yet the sexes have their own distinctive features. Women are just trying to brighten up their boring household life, while men see gambling as an opportunity to earn extra money.
Representatives of the stronger sex have a significantly higher risk of developing gambling addiction. The level of their emotional involvement in the gameplay is much higher. Most women just don’t take gambling seriously, although some of them can also become victims of gambling addiction.

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